Cooper Tuesday: FAQs

I said I wasn’t going to be That Girl who blogs about her dog all the time but one of my favorite bloggers (Tanie of Unicorn Parade) posts photos and anecdotes about her pups all the time and to be quite honest, the world is a little bit of a brighter place for it. I feel better about life just knowing that Georgie, Kichou, Dougal and I are all sleeping underneath the same blue sky.

The last few weeks in Coopertown via Instagram

Cooper gets lots of attention on walks, which I totally understand! He’s super cute and quite unusual looking. If he wasn’t mine, I’d definitely have to stop and talk him his owner and give him lots of pets. But recently I feel like I should either get him a t-shirt or hand out cards with Top Cooper FAQs, though because I am not exaggerating when I say that once a day I have to answer at least one of the following:

Q: “What kind of dog is that?”/”Is that a ________?”

A: I don’t know anything about his background, best guess is Basenji/Rat Terrier mix.

Q: “Does he bark?” (in response to me saying that he is probably a Basenji mix)

A: Yes, but not much/only when excited.

Q: “How old is he?”

A: About a year.

Q: “How much bigger will he get?”

A: You’re looking at it.

Q: “Who’s a good boy?”

A: :3

Q: “Can I feed your dog some popcorn?” *


Of course you can!

A couple weeks ago, a couple stopped me on South Congress to pet Cooper. They told me had a Basenji/Corgi mix at home (sidenote: if the Google Image Search results are any indication SUPER CUTE MIX OMG). The guy told me that one day when he was walking his dog, someone accosted him (much like he was accosting me in that moment), to ask if his dog was mixed with Basenji. When he replied in the affirmative, he was asked “It’s like living with a really bad roommate, isn’t it?” And then we had to laugh together to keep from crying.

* Okay this question has really only been asked once, which was last week and it was asked to me by a little girl and was pretty much the most adorable thing ever. I would probably feel weird about it if a grownass person asked me the same thing.

Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper

A couple weeks ago, one of my dreams of the last six years or so came true: I adopted a puppy. Obviously, since I’ve been thinking about it for literally years, it’s not a decision that I took lightly. I’ve always been an animal lover and I did get spend a couple of years of my life with a lovely kitty but having a dog a special kind of commitment. There’s the obvious financial and time commitments but there’s the stuff like not being able to randomly sleepover at my boyfriend’s at the drop of a hat or take off for a day trip early in the morning and not come back until late at night without making arrangments. Plus, your “need for companionship [has to] outweigh [your] distaste for picking up shit.”

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