Music Monday: AlunaGeorge

When I was a teenager, I was really into The Scene and fancied myself a tastemaker but now I am older and mostly just want to listen to all the music I liked as a teen. In the past year or so, I have eschewed torrenting and other sources of illegal downloading in favor of a Spotify Premium subscription. The downside of that is that if I can’t find it on Spotify or iTunes, I’m more likely to just give up so I don’t actively participate in music discovery as much as I use to. When I find a new artist or song that I’m really excited about, it’s a rare but welcome occurrence.

AlunaGeorge are from the UK and both their sound and their faces would not be out of place on an episode of Skins or some other show about sexy teens (I don’t know, they’re probably in their 20s so that comment should come off as too creepy?). I’m into the 90s R&B/pop throwback vibe but it still sounds modern. Their song “Your Drums, Your Love” has been on repeat on my various listening devices for the last two weeks, which has been annoying and difficult due to the single having not been officially released in the US yet so I’ve been streaming the video on YouTube several times a day.

On the plus side, “You Know You Like It” which is also fun, as well as a handful of other songs they have released, are currently available on Spotify, Amazon and the US iTunes store. I’m really anticipating their official full-length stateside release, which will hopefully be soon.

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