We’ll still be friends when all turns to dust.

Glenda shared this video and I immediately fell in love with the song and have pretty much been listening to this album, Big Echo, non-stop all weekend. They’re actually playing a few shows during SXSW but I don’t know if I’ll get around to seeing them, depending on whether or not I am (hopefully) employed by then. Anyway, I just love songs with simple melodies and kind of an old-timey feel. EPIC ORCHESTRATION & HARMONIES, AHOY!

All Things In Place.

My mom had a Q&A feature on organization in the House & Home section of the Kansas City Star on Sunday. I’m super proud and hope it leads to her getting her name out there and more business… I know she’d love to be able to quit her day job and do organizing full-time! Check it out for some everyday organization tips, she won’t steer you wrong.