Friday Faves of the Week


One of my birthday gifts to myself finally arrived this week (I preordered back in May!) – the ‘Naked’ 13″ Laptop Tote in Navy from DAAME. I had been looking for an everyday leather tote for a while and when this one caught my eye (plus the fact that I found a coupon code), I said “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY”. I can’t be too mad about the long wait because 1) DAAME practices sustainable manufacturing, so they do preorders to fulfill the demand rather than create waste by overestimating how many products to produce 2) I’m supporting an all-girl startup that also gives back and 3) it’s just so pretty.

This video by 20syl:

20syl – Kodama (official music video) from 20syl on Vimeo.

The whole EP, actually:

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 4.07.05 PM

The Coalition Zine, for young grrls of color. Their tumblr is pretty rad, too.

We All Survived April, Y’all!

It’s been almost a year but today felt like a good day to start blogging again, so hello! Hi!

We did it! We survived! They said it couldn’t be done, what with two eclipses and the blood moon and all that but here we are! I’m not even going to try to do a recap of the last year because no one cares but the last month was pretty eventful so I’ll at least go over the highlights:

1) Alex and I traveled to West Texas for the Viva Big Bend Food Festival. It was amazing and highly recommended for a long weekend getaway. The Big Bend area is amazingly beautiful, the people are friendly, and there is so much to do. My only qualm is that it’s so far away (~6.5 to 7 hours from Austin depending on traffic) because Texas is so dang big.

We did a few official food festival events as well as some off the map stuff. We stayed in Alpine, Texas which is a weird little college town (emphasis on little) with a lot of character. Our trip included a cocktail tour put on by Tito’s Handmade Vodka (where a party bus took us to three locations with a different cocktail at each stop), the obligatory visit to Prada Marfa, a tour of a diary goat farm (the highlight of the trip for me to be honest), hiking at Big Bend National Park and a “star party” at the University of Texas’ McDonald Observatory.

Definitely not drunk

Alex on the Tito’s bus

Figuring out what to do next in Marfa

Dress: Target, Hat: Amazon, Sunglasses: Francesca’s, Bag: TJ Maxx

Alpacas at Marfa Maid Dairy

Alpacas at Marfa Maid Dairy

Me and me bff Cuatro at Marfa Maid Dairy

omg bb goat!

More like Prada Valentine

Prada Marfa

Santa Elena Canyon at Big Bend

Santa Elena Canyon

2) Alex and I got engaged! To circumvent any awkward interactions spurred by “how did he ask?” and “let’s see the ring!!”-type inquiries: I asked him, he said yes! There’s no ring because I feel like it’s kind of weird to buy yourself an engagement ring if you’re the one doing the asking? I did buy him a ring but it was more symbolic because he’s not really a jewelry person. Anyway, we’re still in the preliminary stages of wedding planning but I expect that’s going to be a topic of conversation around here more and more so stay tuned.


A couple of cuties.

3) We went to a wedding and I met an alpaca there! Also our great friends, Eddie and Erica made it official in a beautiful, Gatsby-themed celebration and we had a wonderful time staying at the Hyatt Lost Pines resort through the weekend. I wish they would get married every weekend!

Tail-end of BooBoo off to the right, there.

Dress: Luxe Apothetique, Headband: Francesca’s, Sunglasses: Francesca’s, Shoes: Target

4) Cooper is still the cutest. You can keep up with him searching for the Instagram hashtag #coopertheworst.


Obligatory “I’m Not Dead” Check In

I know it’s been, like, a million years since I’ve updated so I don’t even know why I try but hello again.

So much has happened since the last time I posted that I don’t even know where to start. SO MUCH. Cooper and I have moved in with Alex downtown, Alex and I went to Colorado for our annual ski trip, SXSW 2013 happened, I applied and got accepted to a 10-week immersive web developer training program here in Austin, the President (yes, as in the POTUS) came to visit my office┬álast month and last week we went camping at Garner State Park:

old baldy cacti view from painted rock rio frio

These days I am spending my free time reading World War Z by Max Brooks and studying up for MakerSquare, which starts next week. You can follow my progress at my new “professional” (lol) blog/portfolio site

You Are What You Eat

So I caused a minor sensation on Instagram on Friday night. I decided to hit up Co-Star on my way home from work “just to look” at what they had from their huge sale. I picked up a few things to try on, one of which included a burger-print mini-dress. It was absolutely ridiculous but what the hell, right? I figured it would be a funny Instagram photo, if nothing else. I tried it on, snapped a picture in the fitting room and immediately my phone started blowing up with likes and comments, ex. “OMG HOW WHERE WHAT PERFECT”

IMG_3380 IMG_3379


It ended up being “when being ironic goes wrong” kind of situation because at first it was just for the fun of it/a photo op but once on, I found that I actually liked it. And it was the last one in my size & I knew I would regret it if I left the store without it. I think it’s going to be fun for flouncing around Austin in the summer and would be super cute paired with the right belt, denim jacket & boots. If you’re interested, the label is Local Celebrity and a quick search for “local celebrity burger dress” found that is currently on sale at Pac-Sun for $31.99 (I paid slightly more than that for mine but no worries, as I also feel good about supporting a local business)! I also made out with a good deal on a pair of jeans (The Shane by Genetic Denim). The are not sparkly in real life (just slightly shimmery) and are so soft and comfortable, like wearing clouds as pants.

Today we had a garage sale at my house to try to get rid of some things since I’m moving at the end of the month. My primary goal was to get rid of as much as possible (the more I sell, the less to haul to Goodwill later this week) but I made it a game to make back at least what I spent at between Maya Star & Co-Star and… I was able to more than double it! I won’t say how much but let’s just say you could buy a lot of burgers (or burger dresses) with that.